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Friday, July 27, 2012


I supposed to do something productive today but end up with yawning for non stop instead. (lol) What a great Saturday. Fresh air, in a glorious month. Alhamdulillah, i'm still here, still alive. Have been wondering, what if I'll die today? What if I'll be gone for a long time and never come back? I'm start to think how it was like when we're passed away. How many sins we've to committed. How it feels like when we got punishment. Indeed, the fear of that pain, I'm afraid. Allah knows the best.

People were living up and used to depends on their intention. We don't even need to know on how they do, where it is, which one of the best or something else. We should really know about their intention. Our intention when we're about to do something. If our intention's good, it will always been good and no matter how hard it is, you'll catch it as long as you could.

"But what if I can't get what I want eventhough I've already gave a lot of my efforts on it . Futhermore, what if everything that I want wasn't on my fate?"

After all, did you know what will happen soon? Did you ever heard that, Allah will never give something to someone who doesn't trying and make efforts? :) No doubt.

As a teenager, I couldn't even escaping myself from problems.Why should I? Is it worth for me, soon? Is it my problems will be deficient than before? It's obviously not.

Don't lose your hope. I'm begging you for not giving up. Make efforts.