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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


How to stand up when we're about to falling down? Did we ever ask ourself, how much effort we gave? Did we ever make an inconvenience and trouble to someone who didn't deserve it? I'd never ask to get all of this. Maybe these things will be a great lesson for my life. Everything's taught me and many things taught me the same things,

How to stand up with a thousands of confidence.

As my parents said, a good things didn't come for easily. We shouldn't give up for somethings that worth for us. I'd gave up, once but till then all of my friends was give an advice and supported me. I feel appreciated also I've stand up for making my dreams come true and to get something precious for me :x It's precisely work! Our God always listen and never sleep for listening His Servant's prayer. Once I get mad and being a moody person, everything was ruined up my life. I feels like I'm gonna be a lifeless one. I cried a lot. I falled hard for something I didn't even know that I could be able to gain.

I'd make mistakes. And it's my big fault for trying to give up when there's only 99% to catch up & obtained it. Formerly, I don't have a guidance in my deep heart. I've a lot of friends but I don't have my own guidance. Is it sad? Yes it is. My heart keep said, "no you don't have to do that. it's not yours. just give up and have a life. furthermore, you're nobody." It's clearly enough? How to stand up, even my heart keep bring me down and strike fucking down?

With flashbacks, I got many chances to use. Well-turned, I'm going to be a better person.

Lasty, I got what I've wanted before. It's considerably worth for me.


Loved one,