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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Now let me breath like everything's my reason for living up on this lovely world. Allah gave me another day for me. I'm blessed and I'm fall for His servant.

I'll describe and explain what I feel right now. He's different than others. I've never felt for this before. I'm capitally believe and it wasn't supposed to being in love. Love is precious. As human, I'm just human being who's will fall for inadvertent that matter. I'm the kind of person who's hardly for fall in love with someone I didn't intend to met. We lived up and having responsibility to guide someone who's need us.

It's definitely not easy to give and get someone's credence. Knowing something good early isn't bad at all but it's not suprising anymore and automatically expect & hope good is coming and well, exactly we couldn't know what will happens later or soon. Right? Everythings would change & no wonder if it'll change less than a minute. 

I'm afraid of time. Indeed, time is chasing us. I spent my time for being loyalty waiting & I'm here, tired. If I could delete all my feelings, I will. Sometimes, we just should stop showing like we love something when we're accurately not and sometimes we just should showing & be brave for confess something means for our life and showing that we're need it for our life. Acting like a brave one when we're facing problems & please don't give up on somethings that really means for us and stop acting like we've a thousands more for live.

Yes, it's not like everyone will figure out and could understand why I'm still here.


I'm still here where's the place that the first time I'd make decision and step.

Loved one,