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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still breathing.

Its been awhile (its maybe a year and half) since I have no idea what to talk about to in this blog but I used to talk nothing and nonsense. I'm still breathing, in the same air as yours. Well said, life is good. I'd admit I cried a lot last year. I can't deny it. It might sounds funny because in another 10 years, I will even be realised how funny it was when throwback in time that I'm crying for a little things that doesnt matter at all. Stawp it. I wanted to share something.. I dont know why did I stalk people (I know you did it too, I mean yeah then what kind of you're reading now hahaha) So here we go, let's begin..

It supposed to revise math subject as I got math's class but it ends up with stalking someone's.. I saw someone's tweet pop out in my timeline ((someone's I followed was retweeted his tweets omg did u really understand this mayn bcs im not going to explain)) so I retweeted his tweets and followed him. I never intended to stalk him at first. Dont ask me bcs I don't know who is he, too. But I'm just too sure that by reading his tweets, I can sense my sadness toward someone. Somehow I was like.. "Shizz we're in da same boat???!" And I read.. I read.. (Im not that easy to stalk to that far though but its yes for this time) And all of sudden

My tears are falling down. 

I swear, call me weird. Tears down, I can't hold on. It realised me that I'm not the only one who's been hurt. It realised me that I'm not the one who's been waiting. It realised me that I'm not the only one who are afraid to confess the truth. It realised me that there's someone out there who feels what I've felt and what I've been through and what I've been afraid of and what I've been experienced. Being called as an 'emotional' person. Yes, people say that to me too. Idk the things that was happened to me, its happened to him too. I know how it feels. In fact anyway, I'm not actually going to share these kind of stories. The point is..

In this life, when we're having a problem just sit down first and take a breath and yes we shouldn't think that we're the only one in this world that having worst problems. If we used to think like.. "everyone is happy but me..." no it is super no no no it is a big no. I'm not saying I'm good enough to say this. I hate to admit this but it is hard for me to get up when I'm falling hard. Everyone has their own ways to settle down & cheer up themselves. Fall seven times, stand up eight. When life knocks you down, stand back up and keep trying.

Loved one,